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Urgent Raw Material Information.

Dear Customers,

The events of the recent past have led to shortages of almost all chemical raw materials and thus to a massive increase in prices.

Currently, the war in Ukraine, various force majeure announcements and the upheavals in global logistics have resulted in further widespread shortages for various indispensable raw materials.

Therefore, we are still forced to limit our sales to a minimum. All prices and delivery times may change at short notice.

We regret this very much and will continue to do our utmost to serve you reliably.

Kirsten Steinhaus and Thomas Fengler
Chief Executive Officers



Since over 40 years the Indulor Group is recognized internationally as a Specialist for Macromolecular Chemistry. In the following we would like to give you a short overview of our main development stations from a small start-up business to a transnational company.



Our colleagues in the technical departments of research and development and application technology work centrally on products for various applications.

The INDULOR Group serves the market worldwide with four of its own production sites in Germany and the USA, and an international sales force ensures technical and commercial service in almost all regions.

Benefit from the advantages of a lean medium-sized company!

Challenge us as a project partner and problem solver, rely on our reliability as a supplier.

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Portfolio - Our product range

Dispersions and emulsions, additives, solid resins for

  • Construction chemistry
  • Printing inks and overprint varnishes (graphic arts)
  • Wood finishing
  • Adhesives
  • Paper finishing
  • Textile finishing
  • Your application

  • Additives

  • Construction chemistry

  • Printing inks

  • Wood finishing

  • Care products

  • Specialties

  • Technologies

  • Overprint varnishes

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