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Code of conduct.

Our code of conduct describes the corporate culture and provides transparency between the company and the employee as well as the customer. Our identity, goals and values are summarized here and provide the framework for our structures, decisions and actions in everyday business. The Code of Conduct is observed by all employees of the Indulor Group globally.

More than just teamwork

Honesty, trust and openness are top priorities in our everyday work and are an important anchor in daily communication. We respect the interests and rights of each person. Loyalty to our colleagues and superiors is another building block of our team success. The corporate goals of the Indulor Group are known to every employee. Personal challenges are seen as opportunities and strengthen personal development. Proactiveness, health and individual skills are as much a part of each individual as openness to new things. International activities strengthen the experience of the employees. The laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate are strictly followed.

Company and Environment

Resources are used conscientiously by every employee. The INDULOR Group regularly scrutinizes its own processes in order to optimize them. In doing so, the sustainability and improvement of products as well as customer requirements are considered at the same time. In partnership with others, the INDULOR Group is committed to promoting and implementing environmental measures and sound corporate practices. The INDULOR Group systematically analyzes and optimizes energy consumption as part of our energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.

From Raw Materials to Finished Products

Our work is based on sound scientific knowledge, and we apply strict standards to ensure product safety. The further development of the company is also always focused on the requirements of our customers. Seals of quality are essential for our production facilities. The necessary audits are carried out regularly and ensure continuous quality and assurance.

Competition, Social Welfare and Integrity

All applicable regulations and principles for fair competition are followed in the company by everyone. Lively competition supports the development of the company and its employees.

All business transacted by the Indulor Group and related transactions are accurately documented by means of business records and receipts. The social commitment of the Group is an important part of the corporate culture.

Cooperation with the INDULOR Group

Our company ethos is success-oriented work and respectful interaction with each other, which is reflected in our daily life, and is important for the achievement of our goals. We also expect openness and loyalty from our business partners and customers.