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As a medium sized, family-owned company in its second generation we are known internationally as a "Specialist for Macromolecular Chemistry". Starting with the development of polymer dispersions for adhesives our core business today is the development, production and marketing of polymers in the form of emulsions, solutions or as mass polymers.

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Urgent Raw Material Information

Dear Customer,

Recent events (many production plants in the Gulf region of the USA have been temporarily shut down, various other production shutdowns worldwide) have led to global shortages of almost all chemical raw materials and thus to a massive increase in prices. Currently, a fire at a supplier site has caused further far-reaching shortages for various indispensable raw materials.

Therefore, we are forced to limit our sales to a minimum with immediate effect. All prices and delivery times are subject to change at short notice.

We regret this very much and will do everything we can to continue to serve you reliably.

Managing Directors