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As a medium sized, family-owned company in its second generation we are known internationally as a "Specialist for Macromolecular Chemistry". Starting with the development of polymer dispersions for adhesives our core business today is the development, production and marketing of polymers in the form of emulsions, solutions or as mass polymers.

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We are committed to meeting the challenges of a changing world by creating superior products, which are of the highest quality, performance and level of innovation.

We offer a wide and unique product portfolio of polymers which have proved themselves as being suitable in a variety of different applications in:

  • Graphic Arts (printing inks and overprint varnishes)
  • Architectural Coatings
  • Wood Finishing
  • Paper Finishing
  • Textile Finishing
  • Adhesives
  • Personal Care
  • Household and Institutional Products 

With two production sites, five international administration and numerous distribution facilities we serve customers in all regions worldwide. Based on our development and the success of our products in the last 30 years we are one of the main suppliers in the Graphic Arts sector.

We provide an excellent service in all our departments through to development, technical service, logistics and after-sales services. The expertise of our production development team will ensure that our customers' demands and requirements are integrated into the development process.

Your demands + our expertise= Your success!