Behavioral Guidelines of the Indulor-Group

Our behavioral guidelines describe the global standards that must be followed by every employee. They form the basis for the fulfillment of our corporate responsibility

Standards of behavior

Honesty, trustworthiness and openness determine our work processes. We respect the human rights and interests of our employees as well as the legitimate interests of the persons with whom we conduct business relations.

Compliance with laws

Both the Indulor-Group companies and our employees comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

Business partner

As part of our business, we expect the business principles of our partners to be consistent with our principles.

Social commitment

The Indulor-Group strives to be a trusted and acknowledged part of society and to exercise its social responsibility in the communities in which we operate.


The Indulor-Group is committed to constantly reviewing all processes and products and looking for improvements that best meet customer needs.


The Indulor-Group is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment by constantly optimizing our processes and creating a sustainable company in the long term. In partnership with others, the Indulor-Group is committed to the promotion of environmental protection measures, the enhancement of environmental awareness and the implementation of environmentally sound corporate practices.

Energy management

Within the scope of the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 the energy consumption is systematically analyzed and optimized. All employees are encouraged to participate in the continuous energetic improvement of our processes.


Our innovation efforts are designed to meet the requirements of our customers. We always take into consideration the interests and needs of both our customers and society. Our work is based on sound scientific knowledge. To ensure product safety, we apply the strictest standards.


The Indulor-Group believes in a lively but fair competition and supports the development of appropriate competition laws. The Indulor-Group companies and employees always adhere to the principles of fair competition and all applicable regulations in the exercise of their activities.

Business integrity

Indulor-Group declines to directly or indirectly, but knowingly, offer or accept bribes or other unlawful benefits for commercial success or financial gain. It is forbidden for employees to offer or accept gifts or payments which are intended as bribery or are interpreted as bribery. All bribes requested or offered must be rejected and communicated promptly to the management. The Indulor-Group business books and receipts must accurately describe and accurately reflect the nature of underlying transactions. The creation or existence of accounts, funds or assets not disclosed or not listed in the documents is prohibited.

Conflicts of interest

Indulor-Group employees are expected to exclude all personal activities and financial holdings that may be inconsistent with their responsibility to the company. The Indulor-Group employees are not allowed to misuse their position, either directly or indirectly, to give themselves or others an advantag.

Compliance - monitoring - reporting

Compliance with these guidelines is an essential prerequisite for our business success. Every employee is responsible in his area for the safety and protection of the environment.

The management of the Indulor-Group is responsible for the implementation of these directives and ensures that these policies are respected throughout.

Corporate Policy of the Indulor Group


The performance of our integrated management system is confirmed by the following certificates issued by DQS, Frankfurt-Germany: