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Induprint SE 2942

Soft emulsion polymer based on styrene and (meth)acrylates


  • Binder for glossy water-based overprint varnishes
  • Let-down vehicle for water-based flexographic
    and gravure-printing inks (i.e. used on films)

Fields of application:

  • Printing Inks
  • Overprint Varnishes

Mode of operation and features:

  • excellent gloss
  • very high flixibility
  • very good adhesion on films
  • ammonia free, low odor

Datasheet "Induprint SE 2942"
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Product Group Printing Inks

In a close cooperation with the producers of printing inks we developed ideal binders and additives for flexographic and gravure-printing. These binders and additives comply with the demands and requirements of the printing on corrugated cardboard, composite materials, envelopes, flexible packaging, and paper packaging.