Induprint SE 8760

Ammoniacal resin solution


  • Binder for glossy water-based overprint varnishes
  • Binder for use in endless press/calendering vanishes
  • Let-down vehicle for water-based flexographic and
    gravure-printing inks (i.e. used on films)

Fields of application:

  • Printing Inks
  • Overprint Varnishes

Mode of operation and features:

  • good block resistance
  • excellent gloss after calendering
  • excellent release properties
  • good resolubilitiy
  • excellent transfer

Datasheet "Induprint SE 8760"
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Overprint Varnishes

Over the years, the products of Indulor have been optimised for the special requirements of our customers. 

The main field of application is overprint varnishes for sheet offset. The printing inks used in sheet offset are dry oxidative. Unfortunately, they are not able to dry completely at maximum machine speeds of up to 15,000 sheets per hour. This causes problems of sheets clogging in stacks or smearing. Our water-based overprint varnishes dry faster and allow our customers to run their printing machines far more efficiently. In addition, other advantages of the use of overprint varnishes include:

  • protection (against damage caused by abrasion, humidity and/or heat)
  • hygiene (through the maximum surface impermeability)
  • visual impact (packing is glossy or matt)
  • functionality (e.g. blister packaging)


Product Overview: