Indusol VVE 23 L 50 %

Copolymer based on vinyl acetate and Veova,
dissolved in isobutanol


  • Binder for penetrating stopper and sealing primer,
    dilutable with alcohols, esters and aromatics
  • Binder for solvent-based lacquers
  • Binder for fire-protection paints

Fields of application:

  • Architectural Coatings

Mode of operation and features:

  • excellent penetration
  • very good strengthening of absorbent substrates
  • excellent primer coating
  • adjustment of a homogeneous absorptive
    capacity of substrate

Datasheet "Indusol VVE 23 L 50 %"
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Product Group Architectural Coatings

Since our foundation in 1978 we have been engaged in the development of polymer emulsions and additives for special demands in the architectural coatings sector. As a result, we can offer a product portfolio which contains binders and additives for primers, stains, coatings for glass fibre mesh, adhesives and sealants.