Indunal T 1420

Terpolymeric carboxylated acrylic emulsion


  • Acrylic thickener/binder for emulsion paints, water-based printings inks and overprint varnisher
  • Acrylic thickener for emulsion paints and plasters

Fields of application:

  • Printing Inks and Overprint Varnishes
  • Architectural coatings


Mode of operation and features:

  • regulation of viscosity and rheology
  • excellent resolubility
  • very good transfer
  • very high hydrosol viscosity

Datasheet "Indunal T 1420"
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Emulsion Paints & Plasters

Polymers as binders for interior and exterior emulsion paints and plasters, which give the desired adhesion (e.g. wiping and abrasion resistance) to the formulation. Also this group contains dispersing agents for grinding of  pigments and fillers which enable a high PVK. Furthermore, Indulor have rheology modifiers  which are used to improve the flow properties of paints and plasters.