Indunal ECR 774 L

Aqueous solution of polysodium styrene sulfonate


  • electroconductive resin for dielectric papers and films
  • anionic antistatic agent
  • flow agent for paints and lacquers
  • polymeric surfactant for cosmetic products
  • dispersing agent for inorganic and organic pigments

Fields of Application:

  • Architectural Coatings, Printing Inks, Wood Finishing,
    Personal Care, Paper Finishing, Pigment Concentrates


  • excellent antistatic effect
  • very good substrate and pigment wetting

Datasheet "Indunal ECR 774 L"
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Emulsion Paints & Plasters

Polymers as binders for interior and exterior emulsion paints and plasters, which give the desired adhesion (e.g. wiping and abrasion resistance) to the formulation. Also this group contains dispersing agents for grinding of  pigments and fillers which enable a high PVK. Furthermore, Indulor have rheology modifiers  which are used to improve the flow properties of paints and plasters.